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The Story of Coziness

About Us

Coziness is the story of two young skaters who met at the skate park and discovered that they shared not only the same passion but also the same philosophy: it's more than just a hobby; it's a lifestyle, a way of expressing yourself, living and feeling.

Once skating goes beyond mere leisure, every skater starts to express themselves not only through skating but also through the power of fashion. Fascinated by the evolving skater and streetwear culture, the two guys behind Coziness encountered a common problem: all the popular streetwear brands they coveted, like Supreme, Palace, Nike, Adidas or Bape, were releasing limited edition items. But where could they get them at fair prices without wasting time on the secondary market?

In February 2018 we decided to create Coziness, a platform for your desire to express your personality. We offer an exclusive streetwear webshop with worldwide shipping, giving you access to guaranteed 100% authentic products, most of them sourced directly from the manufacturer.

Our German team consists of streetwear enthusiasts and offers reliable customer service tailored to streetwear enthusiasts like you.

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